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ABAS Software AG and abas ERP Partners: One Global Network Since the 90's

Submitted by: ABAS Software AG

2010-12-31 00:07:49 digg facebook Email twitter print

Delivering one abas ERP standard around the world

Karlsruhe, Germany (OPENPRESS) December 31, 2010 -- Since 1993, the global abas partner network has been the driving force for global abas ERP. Today, abas ERP is multi-currency and offered in more than 30 languages. Customers can work with the same database in different languages, enabling simplified workflows and communication between foreign subsidiaries.

Global Advantages
For many years, global networking has been the driving engine for ABAS. Werner Strub, CEO of ABAS Software AG, explains, " Our unified partner network defines the roadmap to success for our customers and our product. The diversity of our partners and their market expertise ensure a wide range of knowledge within the abas community. One of our many strength for an efficient business software and successful ERP projects is good communication. I thank our partners for the great cooperation in the past years."

abas software partners celebrate with ABAS software AG
"A product with which one can impress references on the market is a product which can survive on the market. abas Business Software has succeeded in doing this. I heartily congratulate the abas team."
Wolfgang Klemm, Founder of ABAS Projektierung

"We have an easily accessible and reliable partner network worldwide. I can always fall back on our global knowledge network if I want to know something. The ABAS Software AG ensures that all partners worldwide remain in contact and provides the infrastructure for collaboration. This is unique and puts us in a strong position to provide unique value to our clients."
Alan Salton, President ABAS USA and ABAS Solutions Canada

"The personal relationships at ABAS were always special and important to me. We also have a reliable abas partner network. I can call an abas partner any time and get help. If one can build a good relationship, anything can be solved. The first time I had this feeling was with ABAS when we came to Karslruhe for training, everyone was very open and ready to help with everything."
Istvan Hoffer, President, InterJNet Kft., Hungary

"I originally got to know abas when I was a prospective customer. At the time a positive factor was that we were not drowned in functions and presentation slides during the selection process, but were first asked what we would like to achieve. This impressed me. I have been an abas partner since 1996 and I am still happy with the treatment as a partner in every aspect - I find this very positive."
Armin Englert, person responsible for existing customers, abas Informationssysteme GmbH

"We are proud to be if even a very small part of what ABAS has accomplished in these 30 years and are looking forward to contribute even more to the ever growing ABAS family in the years to come. Our motivation comes from the strong belief in the quality of abas ERP and the great support we receive from you and the ABAS partner network. Thanks to the united international team that we all are we have the confidence to strive harder for our goals. And therefore with the utmost respect we would like to wish you many new customers, an even bigger partner family and of course a very happy anniversary!"
Ivan Dinev, ABAS Business Solutions Bulgaria Ltd.

"Absolutely great - just absolutely great" - this slogan which I already used many years ago still applies. The abas Informationssysteme GmbH was founded in 1993. We then also decided to use the abas solution because it was the most flexible product on the market. Some functions were missing, but at last we were able to implement what our customers wanted. This impressed us. abas Business Software gained functionality throughout the years, the flexibility remained. The ABAS Software AG grew and still functions as a family, I value this tremendously."
Bernhard Schmid, CEO, abas Informationssysteme GmbH

"The cooperative working with the ABAS Software AG is distinguished by consistency and sustainability. The partner network looks for something unique and the additional growth overseas through the international partners guarantees secure and interesting perspectives for the software company in Karlsruhe in the future. "
Frank Steinert, Distribution, ABAS Systemhaus GmbH

"We have been working together for 16 years - since 1994. In this time we were always able to solve every problem which our customers had."
Peter Mötzing, Manager of the subsidiary in Pforzheim, SteinhilberSchwehr AG

"I look back on 13 years of continuous and open cooperative working - it's great that many of the same contact persons have remained in such a long time! The cooperative working is signified by a fair handling of one another. Support is always given if help is required."
Anouk Liermann, Sales Manager, SteinhilberSchwehr AG

"30 years - an age which a company in the software industry can be proud of! The founders strived to create a software where the core functionality worked separately to the customization. ABAS remain true to this policy. ABAS stands for many years of experience, quality, stability and not to forget future and investment security. The cooperative working within the abas partner network adds to the constant customer satisfaction. That is a service to be proud of."
Heinz Koldt, CEO, ABAS IT GmbH

"For me, ABAS stands for sustainability which has been built on a healthy basis. Decisions which may have not made sense at first always proved to be the right ones. It is not for no reason that I can look back on 20 years of ABAS: there was not yet a temptation so great that made me want to stop working with ABAS. The feel good factor plays a large part in this. Regardless of if I go North, South or overseas - I always go with ABAS!"
Sabine Riemer-Müller, CEO, ABAS Competence Partner GmbH, Switzerland

"For me, ABAS is like a classic family business. The individual is of importance and this is fun. The customer is always the focal point and solutions to the demands are always found. The abas environment has an atmosphere which you never otherwise experience. I like working in this atmosphere of friendship and I value being able to provide our customers with abas Business Software as a solution."
Dr. Christian Nittmann, CEO, NITTMANN & PEKOLL GESMBH, Austria

abas Business Software provides an unbelievable flexibility. We can provide the customer with detailed, optimal solutions, exactly what he needs for simultaneous upgradeability. The focal points are usability and the competitive advantage. This cannot be found on the market in the same format. Our customers constantly confirm this. However, not only the product, but also the cooperative working with the ABAS Software AG is unique. It is an amicable, almost family atmosphere in which creative solutions originate. This is also mirrored in the attitude of the customer.
Klaus Müller, CEO, abas system gmbh

"With the ABAS Software AG we have a great and long-standing partnership. Despite the fact that the ABAS Software AG has developed into an international software provider with many partners, it is still nice that the relationship to us as software partners continues to be signified by quick and personal contact. And that from the management right through to the development. Werner Strub as the CEO continues to be prepared to go to a customer or to visit a prospective customer whenever he has time. Furthermore, the continuous development of abas Business Software and maintaining the product philosophy continue to impress me. Product highlights such as the simple upgradeability and adjustability, for our partners and also our customers, continue to be provided. We have customers which have chosen abas Business Software because they are able to easily make adjustments,which remain throughout the years despite regular upgrades. No other product manages to do this."
Michael Walpuski, Sales team manager, SteinhilberSchwehr GmbH, Mettmann

"I like the fact that the developers are constantly bringing up new ideas. A current example is the DMS integration. I find the cooperative working with the ABAS Software AG very positive."
Uwe Meißner, Sales, SteinhilberSchwehr AG

"I would like to ask only one question: alltrotec is the "oldest" system house in Dresden, a 20 year old, independent IT company - who knows of any other company partnership with the same product which is as successful as the one between alltrotec and ABAS, which has existed for over 20 years? Thank you ABAS, thank you Werner Strub, thank you Peter Forscht!"
Dr.-Ing. Gerald Müller, CEO, alltrotec GmbH

"Using abas eB, the ABAS AG created a product for the customers and partners which really provides added value on both sides. I thank you personally from the heart for the familiar relationship, the great cooperation and the opportunity provided."
Markus Greiter, CEO, ABAS Projektierung e-Solutions GmbH

"From customer to software partner - the ABAS Consulting GmbH & Co. KG which emerged from a customer project has been an abas software partner for 10 years already. Now 15 employees work in Höchberg near Würzburg and we have already been able to complete around 60 implementation projects!"
Nadja Krämer, Sales, ABAS Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

"Values and ethics play an important role in the journey of both our companies. They represent a significant basis for the success of our company, but are also the basis for the joy which we have in our daily working."
Dirk Ramthun, CEO ABAS Projektierung Holding GmbH

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ABAS Software AG
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ABAS Software AG
Suedendstr. 42
76135 Karlsruhe/Germany

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