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New Program Seeks Growers To Help Curb Declining Bee Population
Read Full Press Release
2014-12-13 00:01:03

U.S. Bee Buffer Project is Providing Bee Forage Kits to California & North Carolina Land Owners

Did The Miracles Of Jesus Launch The Evolution Of Consciousness In Humanity?
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2014-12-13 00:01:44

What did the miracles of Jesus reveal about this Man? Was he truly the Son of God? How does that make him any different to the rest of Humanity? Jesus said: "Anything I can do, you can do also and more". Could this be possible? This book show you how.

You Can Now Buy Your Office Furniture With Bitcoins, Via Kit Out My Office
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2014-12-12 00:01:51

UK online retailer Kit Out My Office are now accepting Bitcoins for online orders of office furniture.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Hit The Record Of Best Selling Game
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2014-12-06 00:01:55

Grand Theft Auto 5 has hit the record of best selling video game, overshadowing the previous record holder, Call of Duty Black Ops.

Wake-up Call By Cherie Rickard: A Refreshing And Transparent Look At Grief
Read Full Press Release
2014-11-13 00:01:25

Grieving mother turns tragic loss of teenage son into triumph in an amazingly insightful and often blunt voyage into the mind of a grieving mother.

Offerdat Is Kicking Butt And Taking Names For Users' Privacy & Security
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2014-11-11 00:01:54

Developers for a new shopping and selling app, OfferDat, uses users' phone ID with no sign-up or sign-in method.

Eliminate Scarf Tying With Scarf Art Pre-tied Scarves
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2014-10-31 00:01:22

Scarf Art is an innovative line of pre-tied scarf products created to eliminate scarf tying for women who are challenged by scarf tying or do not know how to tie a scarf. The products are the female equivalent of clip-on or zipper ties for men. Scarf Art, pre-tied for you, just button and go!

Columbus Ohio's New Recording Artist Braidss Has Released A New Hip-Hop Single 'Whip It Up' September 23, 2014
Read Full Press Release
2014-10-09 00:01:47

Braidss, one of Ohio's Hip-Hop Rap recording artist-songwriters, is announcing 'Whip It Up' a new single album released September 23, 2014. The album was released through iTunes and Amazon Worldwide.

Renew Life Launches National Tv Advertising Campaign With The Help Of Creative Bube Tube
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2014-10-04 00:01:15

Renew Life proudly announces their latest marketing initiative for their product called "Cerebrum". The Cerebrum campaign will be rolled nationally in collaboration with Creative Bube Tube who will utilize an integrated TV Advertising Campaign strategy.

Protecting Our Clients Is Our Mainstay
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2014-09-14 00:01:24

The threat of NTP and DDOS attacks launched from individuals and bot nets have far outgrown the expected life span of such, they attack randomly, something that we here at Twisted Media have experienced.

Ithaca Waldorf School Math Olympiads Score Among Top Students Internationally
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2014-09-11 00:01:04

Ithaca Waldorf School (IWS) 6th and 7th grade students received a perfect score and scored in the top percentiles in this year's International Math Olympiad, in which nearly 150,000 students participated from the United States and other countries.

Top 10 Training Tips App Now Available for Busy, on the Move Professionals
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2014-08-31 00:01:34

Leading UK pioneer of 'bite-size training' now extends popular service to smart phones and tablets

World's First Wireless Scanner Mouse That Helps You to Boost Productivity
Read Full Press Release
2014-08-21 00:01:58

The wireless scanner mouse has same size and weight of a regular mouse that can scan anything into a range of file types and can OCR both text AND financial documents like spreadsheets, receipts, invoices etc. Swipe the mouse over anything and it will show up on your screen instantly.

Priceless Ink & Toner Now Offers Colormatch™ Wide-format Printer Inkjet Cartridges
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2014-08-16 00:01:35

We at Priceless Ink & Toner are proud to announce the launch of our new ColorMatch™ Wide-Format printer inkjet cartridge series. The ColorMatch™ inks have been tested and proven to be the best choice for Wide Format inkjet printers for many reasons.

The Use Of Io-link In The German Machinery Industry Until 2016 Reveals The Quest Trend Magazine
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2014-08-14 00:01:38

Most machine-builders using IO-Link are really content with it. The use of IO-Link will boost until 2016. These are some results of the new Quest study, represented in the Quest Trend Magazine.

Supporting The Wokingham Festival, For The Second Year In A Row
Read Full Press Release
2014-08-04 00:01:19

The Wokingham Festival is a key part of Wokingham's identity, back every year on the bank holiday weekend in August — a highlight to many families summer holidays, and a key date for everyone to let their hair down.

It's back the 'Wokingham Open Air Cinema' supported by Hunters Estate Agents
Read Full Press Release
2014-08-04 00:01:14

This year's event is being held on the 15th, 16th and 17th of August 2014 at the Elms Field in Wokingham. This is a superb free event, for all family — and an event, which Hunters Estate Agents Wokingham feel passionate about.

Grammy-Winner Marlow Rosado y La Riquena Release Their Newest Salsa Dura CD, "Salsanimal"
Read Full Press Release
2014-08-02 00:01:03

Marlow Rosado releases his newest CD, following his Grammy-winning "Retro"

Irie Foundation and The Motivational Edge Team-up to Enrich Allapattah
Read Full Press Release
2014-07-24 00:01:34

Irie Foundation to Receive Naming Rights of The Motivational Edge's Allapattah Music and Literacy Center.

Freya - The New Efficient App For Women Is On Kickstarter
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2014-07-24 00:01:29

A simple and aesthetic solution for every woman, Freya allows you to monitor and receive notifications about your menstrual cycle. Freya is a gift to all women.

Gymgroups - Connect, Engage, Retain!
Read Full Press Release
2014-07-12 00:01:31

GymGroups provides a branded and maintained on-line community platform to improve member retention for the fitness industry by fostering a sense of tribe and belonging among gym members. For more information, visit or call 650-383-8875.

Custom Canvas Online Offer 85%off for 3x 40x50cm A Personalised Three-Panel Canvas Wall Display
Read Full Press Release
2014-07-08 00:01:24

Australia's First Manufacturer of Canvas Prints Online Service,Museum Quality Canvas Prints at very cheap prices. Save 85% on photo on canvas prints.

Global Mobile Gaming Application To Become A Major Faction In The Online Gamer Community
Read Full Press Release
2014-06-23 00:01:20

Game Wizard Mobile FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 1-516-503-2421

Canadian Artist Von Allan Announces Metal Gods, A New Digital-first Periodical Comic Book
Read Full Press Release
2014-06-12 00:01:44

Von Allan, artist and comic book creator, announces the publication of his digital-first comic book "Metal Gods," a new action and adventure series. The series is distributed through comiXology and its innovative comiXology Submit platform.

Robin Roberts, Chef Bobby Flay and Sir Ken Robinson to Keynote Elliott Masie's Learning 2014
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-23 00:01:00

Elliott Masie's Learning 2014 will feature Robin Roberts, Chef Bobby Flay and Sir Ken Robinson

World's Smallest All-in-one Charger
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-21 00:01:01

Uiee has just released their new portable charger, a backup charger and wall charger combined and it has taken the title of the "world's smallest".

Independent Autodidactic Artist Finds a Place in the Art Fair Mayhem in NYC during Frieze Week
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-17 00:01:13

Independent Autodidactic Visual Artist D. Lammie-Hanson is working hard to get respect during Frieze week at the Contemporay Art Fair NYC in Chelsea.

Artemis Gallery LIVE's Spring Variety Sale Features Ancient and Ethnographic Art
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-12 00:01:40

Artemis Gallery LIVE is cleaning house with a specialty auction featuring a wide array of ancient / ethnographic art from all over the world, all at unreserved prices.

Wholesgame Has Launched Website For Wholesale Traders Of Video Games And Consoles
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-10 00:01:14

WholesGame has announced launch of its new website, an information portal for companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade of video games and consoles.

A Twisted Tale That Deserves To Be Told.... Chocolate Flowers
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-10 00:01:57

Not only reveals those secrets but raises awareness about child abuse and sexual molestation but also allows the reader to understand the mental illness of a pedophile.

Chocolate Flowers
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-10 00:01:21

A Twisted Tale That Deserves to be Told

Edu Niche Provides An All-inclusive Online Tutoring Platform
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-08 00:01:18

The newly launched online teaching forum offers a 30 minute free tutoring session to all new students

New Website,, Lets A Sleeping Dog Lie In Comfort
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-04 00:01:25

This website features only plush doggy beds, though cats and their owners are welcome too. Bobbie's philosophy is "If you love your pet, then why let them sleep on some plain old blanket?"

Noah's Ark Discovered On Mt Ararat
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-01 00:01:19

Just published: NOAH by John Benjamin Sciarra

Taxidermy Passions Introduces A Free Dating Social Network For Taxidermists & Taxidermist Groupies
Read Full Press Release
2014-04-01 00:01:24

While some may think that Taxidermy Passions would be a great place to discuss stuffing techniques, Taxidermists prefer to use the term 'mounting' whether you are looking for help stuffing or mounting, Taxidermy Passions is the place for you.

Idiot Spanish Waiter Inspires Game
Read Full Press Release
2014-03-22 00:01:07

Comic book artist unveils Big Bad Spanish; a new way to learn Spanish by immersion.

Alexander Goryaynov's New Article In Plos One. Role Of Molecular Charge In Nucleocytoplasmic Transport
Read Full Press Release
2014-02-26 00:01:13

Alexander Goryaynov and Weidong Yang used super-resolution microscopy approaches to study the role of molecular charge on nucleocytoplasmic transport.

Najaam Lee's First Solo Art Exhibition
Read Full Press Release
2014-02-17 00:01:41

She's fashion, a model, actress, creative director. She's Ayurveda and a healer. But mid 2013 a shift took a hold of Najaam Lee's heart string so hard that it changed her world.

Wharton GC Launches Hedge Fund
Read Full Press Release
2014-01-24 00:01:30

Wharton GC announced the latest addition to its highly successful range of hedge funds, Oracle of Investing Fund LP.

Concentration And Variety - 15 Years Of Market Shares Of Servo Suppliers In The German Machinery Industry
Read Full Press Release
2014-01-21 00:01:14

A new survey made by Quest TechnoMarketing shows how servo suppliers' market shares in the German machinery industry developed from 1999 to 2013.

Artemis Gallery Live To Auction Ancient, Pre-columbian & Ethnographic Art Jan. 24
Read Full Press Release
2014-01-18 00:01:59

Online auction showcases more than 300 fine examples of ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Near Eastern, Far Eastern, Pre-Columbian and Ethnographic / Tribal Art. All lots legally acquired, legal to sell and guaranteed authentic.

Logicboxes Rolls Out 'registry Wallet' Service To All Registrar Clients
Read Full Press Release
2014-01-15 00:01:26

LogicBoxes announces the launch of its new service — the Registry Wallet, a first-in-the-industry solution for ICANN Registrars to manage funds across various Registries.

Vocalcom Launches Next-generation Contact Center Software To Radically Enhance Customer Experiences
Read Full Press Release
2014-01-11 00:01:20

Vocalcom Contact Center Software has best-in-class capabilities delivered with simplicity to radically enhance sales effectiveness and customer experiences with limited IT support

All Asia Licensing, Inc. (otc: Aasi) Announces Reverse Share Split
Read Full Press Release
2014-01-02 00:01:32

AASI.PK announces one for 1000 reverse stock split with round-up provisions

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