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Classy Relaxation In The Desert

Submitted by: Platinum Massage

2011-01-11 00:11:27

Las Vegas, NV (OPENPRESS) January 11, 2011 -- Sin City has always been infamous as a place where people come on vacation take a chance with their money. The obvious stress related to gambling and random marriages means that very few people ever take the time to relax or pamper themselves.

Las Vegas is renowned for kitschy buildings and an overbearing abundance. All of this is magnified because Las Vegas is placed in the middle of a desert. After your savings account has been minimized, the unrelenting sun will drain what little energy you have left. The sheer intensity of Las Vegas means that most people are desperate for an oasis, but they do not know where to look for it.

The Las Vegas strip is littered with endless casinos and hotels which promise you comfort and wealth. Very few of these promises are founded on any truth and the average tourist will never find any respite from the harshness of the entire experience. The American actor, Scott Caan, has summed up the Vegas experience by saying, "I mean, what do you do in Las Vegas? You gamble - and you go to strip clubs." This might be enough for a sex-starved frat boy, but some people still long for classy relaxation.

The overwhelming nature of Las Vegas means that people often become very tense. The prevalence of massage spas provides an opportunity to escape from this tension; however, choosing a suitable one could be as problematic as finding an oasis. The average day spa in Las Vegas is an expensive hole situated in the bustle of the city.

There are rare exceptions to this rule, but they take some finding. Spas like 'Platinum Massage and Facials' are the only real opportunity to escape from the conventionally draining Las Vegas experience. Situated five minutes away from the strip, 'Platinum Massage and Facials' offers clients a professional and affordable service. The spa breaks the sleazy stereotype with concepts like the "couples massage." Couples are invited to attend the spa together and receive a massage from the qualified hands of experienced Las Vegas massage therapists, We use only experienced massage therapists who have their own business. Before you embark on your trip, visit because you might need a break from everything that makes Sin City so popular.

In Las Vegas it is difficult to find something which is not tarnished by filth or degraded by the heat, but 'Platinum Massage and Facials' is an exception. The spa strives to give customers an affordable and classy escape from the sleaze which so often represents Las Vegas. The only happy endings available at this parlor are relaxed shoulders and a sense of satisfaction that your money was well spent.

'Platinum Massage and Facials' is located only 5 minutes from the strip in a quiet office complex. They offer massage services at a fraction of the cost of the local casino spas. They specialize in couple's massages and claim to offer the best service in Las Vegas. The spa currently has a variety of specials which include a 90 minute massage for only $100. A removed location combined with professionalism makes 'Platinum Massage and Facials' the perfect oasis in the Nevada Desert.

Owner: Lisa Abril
Platinum Massage
4965 W. Tropicana Ave. Ste. 105
Las Vegas, NV. 89103

Contact Info

Platinum Massage
Phone: 1-702-510-4503
4965 West Tropicana Avenue Ste. 105,

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