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Electronic Health Records - A Pain Point for Physicians

Submitted by: Blue Mandolin Marketing, Inc.

2010-12-10 00:07:09

(OPENPRESS) December 10, 2010 -- A North Carolina Transcription Services company is providing improved technology to assist medical professionals more quickly adopt Electronic Medical Records. In 2004, the Bush administration called for improved healthcare delivery and transparency by pushing for EHR/EMR to be available to all by 2014. In addition, new health care legislation makes $27 billion available over the next decade to promote Electronic Health/Medical Records. However, many physicians are reluctant to adopt EHR due to expected increases in labor costs and lack of technical expertise that such systems will require. Their concerns include that use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) is cumbersome, lengthy, and in some cases, an even dangerous process. In the June 2009 issue of the American Journal of Medicine, Drs. Eugenia Siegler and Ronald Adelman addressed one major hazard of EHR charting: the copy-and-paste function. While this process may be more efficient, as a result, symptom lists may get repeated with only a cursory glance by the health professional at the patient's evolving condition. In addition, many EHR systems have inherent errors in their transcription processes, and when medical staff cut-and-paste each other's notes, each iteration may reinforce the error. Copy-and-pasting EHR records also slowly deteriorates the patient's narrative that is naturally recorded with physicians' dictations, clouds clinical thinking, and limits proper coding.

To satisfy the demands of increasing EHR systems, Transcription Solutions, a Laurinburg, NC, based transcription services provider, returns the traditional and important narrative back into the hands of the medical professional. A new technology called Speech Understanding makes narrative dictation more accurate and requires less editing, thus allowing physicians to become more efficient with digital record creation. In contrast to other EHR systems, this new platform enables report distribution to be seamlessly delivered into existing EMR systems electronically. Other delivery options include e-fax, email, as well as direct printer output for referrals. The resulting automation cuts down on administrative labor and error while cutting costs where physicians need it most. "The patient narrative is also preserved, which not only puts record keeping back in the hands of the physician," states Brent Sexton, president of Transcription Solutions, "but the increased efficiency gives the doctors more face time with patients. We feel that is most important for preserving quality care." With the help of improved speech understanding technologies entering the medical field, Electronic Medical Record adoption may not have such a high hurdle to jump.

Transcription Solutions is an all USA based transcription technology and services company located in Laurinburg, North Carolina, that offers health care professionals with turn-key digital transcription based on advanced M*Modal Speech Understanding™ technology. This superior technology utilizes a simple hand-held recording device to transcribe conversational speech into precise digital written notes, delivering a much more accurate result with little or no editing required. Transcription Solutions offers health care professionals several options for transcription, including total turn-key service, or practice software and training. For more information, visit

Transcription Solutions, LLC
127 Fairley Street
Laurinburg, North Carolina 28352

CONTACT: Brent Sexton
PHONE: 910-280-1075
Electronic Health Records - A Pain Point for Physicians

Contact Info

Blue Mandolin Marketing, Inc.
Phone: (336) 855-7730
5311 Broadmoor Place
Greensboro, NC, 27410

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