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largest trademark search engine, file a trademark at, 159 only, revive an expired trademark

Submitted by: Trademarkia Inc

2009-09-25 00:01:56

(OPENPRESS) September 25, 2009 -- Trademarkia is designed to be virtually effortless for the user.

It applies a patent-pending technology and proprietary algorithms to compile business name data from all available sources into a single, easy-to-use and uniquely powerful online business name search engine. In addition, Trademarkia also offers a valuable service to businesses looking to protect the brands they already own. Trademarkia enables businesses, both large and small, to keep an eye on their competitors who try to file trademarks, domain names, and start websites which are confusingly similar to the brands that they worked hard to build and protect. Users simply indicate the brands that they want to monitor, and can receive free online reports and updates on activities of counterfeiters. has been in private beta testing for the past few months, and is generating highly enthusiastic responses from early users. Trademarkia's management and engineering team is comprised of experts in Web technology, brand management and intellectual property. Trademarkia's product and market potential have attracted investment interest from both the venture and angel communities. "This is a great product! It is fun to find interesting brands on Trademarkia that can help my small business succeed," said Colette Pierre, a Trademarkia private beta user. "I recently registered my brand as a federal trademark, and it is important to the long term success of our small business to be able to monitor against companies trying to steal our goodwill. Trademarkia makes that process easy, and has already saved our company money."

Founded in March 2009, is the fresh, easy and intelligent way for people to create their brands from millions of previously owned business names, slogans, and logos. And it's free.

Patent-pending Trademarkia technology does all the rest, giving users a unified view of all their brands in a single, easy to understand interface. Trademarkia provides detailed visibility into expired and abandoned business names, slogans, and logos; proactively alerting users about upcoming issues, counterfeit marks; and offering personalized suggestions for interesting brands. The service is accessible via the Web or cell phone. And it's safe and secure; Trademarkia is updated every day with fresh data, and offers secondary checking services to users.

For more information on's free business name creation service, please visit

Contact Info

Trademarkia Inc
Phone: 650-989-2131
1580 W. El Camino Real Suite 10 Mountain View, CA 94040 (877)-794-9511 (phone) 650-989-2131 (fax)

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Press Keywords: Trademarkia Previews Freshest, Easiest Way to Create a Brand at TechCrunch50. And it's Free.
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