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Killer Guides Releases the Unofficial Warhammer Online Squig Herder Guide

Submitted by: Killer Guides Ltda

2008-10-02 23:02:37

Killer Guides releases a Warhammer Online class guide from the series of class guides planned for release. The Warhammer Online Squig Herder guide is already available at the game guide publisher's online shop. The Squig Herder is one of the Greenskin character in the popular MMORPG, Warhammer Online. The class offers players with features to manage Squigs which can be quite entertaining and confusing at the same time. The Killer Guides Unofficial WAR Squig Herder guide attempts to minimize the learning curve and provide players with well-rounded class specific information.

(OPENPRESS) October 3, 2008 -- The newly released guide is also part of the Warhammer guide bundle offered. Details on each Warhammer guide provided by the online shop are available at their Warhammer Online guides product page. Details for the Squig Herder guide is available there as well.

Featured in the class specific guide are leveling maps and leveling guides from level 1 to 40, details on Squig Herder abilities, masteries, skills and various strategies. Besides providing readers with class statistics and information, the guide offers group strategies for both PvE and RvR. The guide also include strategies and game play tactics for solo play. Content available for group and solo strategies in the Warhammer Squig Herder guide are those like looting, questing, targeting group skills and experience areas.

The guide offers readers with class specific content from combat mechanics, crafting information and quest details to equipment for the different levels, Squig abilities, and a set of useful player tricks. The Warhammer Online Squig Herder guide proves to be a good reference for players just starting out with the class as well as experienced players who are looking for tips and tricks to enhance their character.

Besides the Warhammer Chosen and Squig Herder class guides already offered, Killer Guides have plans on releasing other unofficial class guides for the vastly played MMORPG. Since and before its launch in September 2008, the popular MMORPG, Warhammer Online by Mythic Entertainment, have received many awards throughout 2008.

As part of their effort, Killer Guides are planning to add more class guides to their current portfolio of Warhammer guides and on providing customers with regular guide updates. The company aims to continue providing good quality unofficial strategy guides to the gaming community. Their current offerings of strategy guides for popular MMORPGs extends to over 20 online games and over 90 strategy and class specific guides. The company's guide coverage for World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, Age of Conan and many other MMORPGs are also available at their online shop.

Contact Info

Killer Guides Ltda
Phone: Not Given
Av. Indianapolis, 419
Sao Paolo
Sao Paolo, 04063-004

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Press Company: Killer Guides Ltda
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