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Passions Network, Tripping Over The Long Tail With 100% Free Niche Online Dating & Social Networking

Submitted by: Passions Network Inc.

2008-07-06 23:00:27

Started over 4 years ago, Passions Network is one of the largest niche social networks utilizing a design that focuses 'the long tail' into online dating. With 110+ individual community sites in the network, Passions Network members create a single account comprised of only those sites that best represent their interests (or passions) in life. By providing both social networking & online dating features, members are free to decide for themselves whether they are looking for friends or romance.

(OPENPRESS) July 7, 2008 -- Although it took a little while for people to embrace the concept of online dating in general, it is fair to say that the online dating industry ended up being one of the best known 'early winners' in the plethora of new business concepts that evolved along with the growth of the internet. While the jury is still out on just how big a winner the social networking industry will end up being, there seems to be little doubt that social networks are already viewed as viable business concepts...if only due to the large amounts of money associated with a few of the leaders in the industry.

Passions Network is fairly unique in being one of the few true hybrids bridging the gap between online dating and social networking. Started a little over 4 years ago, Passions Network has solidified a position within both the dating and social networking spheres by utilizing a network design comprised of standalone niche community sites connected via an underlying engine. As an individual joins into the network of sites, they create their own personal network of online dating/social networking community sites...specific to their personal interests (or passions).

When a member joins any of the 110+ individual sites within the network, they are automatically a member of the entire network. Although members can choose to maintain an account with a single site listed within it, most members choose to add additional sites. Since everything is managed in a single account management area, it is easy to maintain membership in a large number of communities simultaneously. As a member proceeds through the registration process, they provide more information on who they are as a person and what their interests are, allowing the registration system to recommend the sites that they might be interested in adding into their single account. This process encourages every member to pick and choose the sites that best represent themselves. Each community site they add into their account is based on some shared similarity among the members, whether it be political, religious, ethnic, interest based, humor based, etc.

Rather than having to try to decide just how someone wants to 'define' themselves, they can choose all the sites that reflect all of who they are. For example, if someone is vegetarian, but leaning vegan, and they are really into horror movies, video games and yoga, then they could add Vegetarian Passions, Vegan Passions, Horror Passions, Gaming Passions and Yoga Passions into their personal account. When they login to the network, they are online on all sites simultaneously, allowing members on each site to see and contact them...and they can jump from community to community depending on their interests that day. Feel like chatting about a new vegan recipe, pop into Vegetarian Passions and Vegan Passions. Feel like posting about a new horror film coming out, drop into Horror Passions. The basic idea is that it should be easier to break the ice with someone you share something in common with, and whether that turns in to friendship or romance will depend on the chemistry between the two members.

Since most people have a large variety of interests, the design of Passions Network is beneficial in that it allows members to quickly and easily surround themselves in like-minded communities regardless of their own unique interests. With over 110 individual online dating & social networking sites, Passions Network provides something for everyone, whether it is the video game loving vegan mentioned previously, or it is a conservative Christian Republican who enjoys hunting and science fiction movies. (In this example, the member would most likely add Christian Passions, Republican Passions, Gun Lovers Passions and Trek Passions into their account.)

By creating a single large network comprised of specific niche communities, Passions Network is one of the first social networks to begin to fully tap into 'the long tail'...allowing members to drill down into specific niche communities based on their personal interests. It is entirely up to the members whether they spread their attention across multiple niche communities, or whether they choose to spend all their time in a single focused niche, like Trucker Passions or Native American Passions.

With more and more attention moving towards the social networking market, and more specifically 'the long tail' within social networking, Passions Network seems to be well positioned for tremendous growth over the next few years, especially since every site within the network provides all the features of mainstream dating and social networking sites...and they are all 100% free.

Contact Info

Passions Network Inc.
Phone: 212-766-1999
511 6th Avenue #274
New York, NY 10011

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Press Company: Passions Network Inc.
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