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|Press Releases|Pro PRs|Book Reviews|Articles (OP-ED)|News|Exposé|PR Firms| Blog Has Much to Offer Baseball Enthusiasts

Submitted by: Ninth Inning Media Corporation

2012-01-03 01:33:24

Seattle, WA (OPENPRESS) January 4, 2012 -- The blog on has several things to offer to players, coaches, and baseball enthusiasts alike. Its articles include useful information on every topic from online baseball sites to baseball scheduling software such as ScheduleSmith.

ScheduleSmith is a program that enables coaches to stay in contact with their teams and leagues and is an invaluable asset to any baseball franchise. It allows for more freedom of communication between coaches and players through which every team member can confirm their attendance at practice or at a game. ScheduleSmith is also capable of sending out automatic emails and text messages so that players and their families can be notified of when and where the game or baseball tournament( ) will be played.

Also included in the blog are practical articles for coaches including articles on how to put together your youth baseball dream team. Knowing how to build the best team from the ground up is the first step to winning in any baseball tournament. Ushering a new player into a team without announcing the new arrival is a poor coaching decision. A good coach knows that they should meet with their team in advance and remind and reassure them that everyone on the team is an integral member. It is not necessary to mention why the new player failed to start earlier, though it is imperative to remind the other members that this new player has unique abilities that will strengthen the team as a whole. A team that is capable of winning a baseball tournament is one whose roster sports a number of different players with exceptional skills.

Other helpful information featured on the blog includes articles on what not to eat while on the road or while attending a baseball tournament. Fast food should be avoided whenever possible, and your team's diets should be high in proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will provide them with the energy necessary to compete at the top of their game and protein will ensure that their muscles do not break down too quickly and become strained. Diet is a vital ingredient in making certain that your team plays at its best.

If parents or coaches are trying to seek information about a specific baseball tournament, the blog provides links to a baseball tournament locator such as the one used on These locators contain other information including a listing of hotels and other amenities near the tournament, as well as informational articles on what to bring and what to expect. In addition, the blog offers its readers material on how to properly budget for participation in baseball tournaments and how these tournaments work towards building up beneficial life skills in young team members.

For more information, please contact:

Name: Matt Santi, Tournament Director
Address: 93 S Jackson St.
Suite 27981
Seattle, WA 98104
Phone number: 206-452-3537
Website: .

Contact Info

Ninth Inning Media Corporation
Phone: 206-452-3537
93 S Jackson Street, Suite 27981

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