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Disc, Inc. Releases the StopPoint App

Submitted by: Disc, Inc.

2011-11-09 00:06:42

Houston, TX (OPENPRESS) November 9, 2011 -- After 29 years in business serving clients' computer and data needs, Disc, Inc. steps into the app world with the release of StopPoint. A fun game with simple rules that is suitable for all ages, StopPoint was released into the App Store last week and is now available for download on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

StopPoint features a line from 1 to 100, with a pointer that continually slides between the two. The object of the game is to stop the pointer on the precise number indicated at the top of your screen. Hit your target number and gain points, miss and lose points. The more rounds you go, the faster it gets. The game ends when you lose all your points.

The brainchild of VP and Lead Programmer, David Carter, StopPoint caters to those looking for a fun distraction. According to Mr. Carter, it was built on the premise of simplicity. "Sometimes you just need a mental break. With StopPoint, you are so focused on stopping the pointer at just the right moment that you aren't thinking about anything else. Whether you play for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, it is an enjoyable distraction from the rest of your day."

Carrie Carter, President of Disc, Inc., states that the pre-holiday release date was timed more due to the nature of the game than as a holiday gift idea. "One of the things our early testers agreed on was that StopPoint was the type of game they would pull out to play while waiting. Since the holiday season is notorious for long waits (at the airport, at the mall, in the car), we thought it was the perfect time to release the app. We would love to see holiday travelers pull out their iPhones and iPads and play StopPoint during those long layovers."

About Disc, Inc. - Disc, Inc. is celebrating its 29th year in the computer and data services industry. Originally named Dimensions in Scanning and Conversions, it was shortened to Disc, Inc., as the company evolved with the ever-changing needs of its clients. Services include: hard drive recovery, data and video conversions, DVD and CD duplication and replication, flash drive printing and preload, USB duplicators and now application development.

Contact Info

Disc, Inc.
Phone: 713-864-7845
7020 Portwest Drive
Suite 130
Houston, TX 77024

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