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Orange County Plastic Surgeon Waxes Scientific

Submitted by: Orangecountynosejob

2011-11-04 00:06:49

Newport Beach, CA (OPENPRESS) November 4, 2011 -- Medicine is an interesting subject and there are many facets to the field: surgical, general practice, and an entire array of specialties. For most people, the surgical field is shrouded in mystery, except of course what they see on television. TV shows, however well made, fall terribly short of showing the expertise involved with any procedure. Now, that has changed. Dual Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Kevin Sadati is publishing scientific articles on his website,

These articles are for those who are interested in delving deeper into the particulars of surgical rhinoplasty ( ); and frankly sometimes Wikipedia or reality shows just do not cut it. This new access to information leverages Dr. Sadati's board certified training and knowledge and brings it to bear on documents newly available to the lay person. In this case, it is all about transparency. The more information patients have about their health care, the better choices they can make. These articles are meant to pull away the veil of mystery concerning plastic surgery and other corrective procedures. While they are presented for patients as well as other surgeons, it should be remembered that these are scientific in content and contain vocabulary appropriate to the medical community.

A visit to the Orange County Nose and Sinus Center's website tells you that this is no ordinary practice. The site is easy to navigate and has a very clean, search engine friendly design. But what really makes the site is the quality of information, emphasized by the scientific nature of the articles. The first subjects covered are Turbinates Anatomy, Nasal Aesthetics, Nasal Tip, Alar Base reduction, and a description of the Nasal Radix.

Although these are complex procedures, they are easily accessible by just about everyone. Here is a quick sample of what you can find:

1. Turbinates Anatomy: The inferior turbinate is sensitive and responds to a wide range of environmental stimulants, such as smoke, air pollution, and rapid temperature changes through arti ficial climate control. These irritants are important when seen in light of the fact that turbinate tissue responds to stimu lation through the process of hypertrophy.

2. Nasal Aesthetic: As noses vary from patient to patient, so does the definition of beauty. It is neither possible nor desirable to impose a predetermined ideal nose to every face. Aesthetic surgery should not neutralize the face by denying it of individual characteristics such as familial or ethnic qualities. The cat egorical imposition of an "ideal" appearance does not allow for those attributes that define particular individuals.

3. Nasal Tip Surgery: Contemporary surgical literature is saturated with techniques for nasal tip modification and analytical effort seems to be wasted with describing the minutiae of technique rather than thought fully defining their purpose. In other words, modern analysis concentrates more on the answers instead of the appropriate questions. Therefore, more techniques or a grand unified technique only obscures the point. What is needed is a shift in emphasis.

4. Nasal Radix: The nose should have no discernible beginning but should be a continua tion of lines that are graceful extensions of other facial parts. The root of the nose, or radix, should be part of an unbroken curve that begins in the superior orbital ridge and continues along the lateral nasal wall.

5. Alar Base Reduction: an alar base reduction is designed to reduce the size and degree of nostril flare; decrease the width of the base of the nose, and realign existing asymmetries. The technique requires a wedge resection of the alar rim and nasal base. The wedge resection primarily results in a decrease of nostril flare, while an internal nostril incision tends to decrease the width of the nasal base.

While most other plastic surgery ( ) sites use the same-old, same-old template designs, Dr. Kevin Sadati has once again shown that he is more than a run-of-the-mill OC hotshot; with the scientific articles, he offers a glimpse into what a patient will actually experience from the surgeon's perspective.

Contact: Dr. Kevin Sadati
Phone: (949) 706-7776

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Phone: 1-866-349-7477
400 Newport Center Dr. #100

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