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Riyam Computer Services Announce Partnership with Asia

Submitted by: Interactive Avenues

2011-10-20 00:10:53

(OPENPRESS) October 20, 2011 -- Industry observers say HRMS tools in general, and Adrenalin HRMS in particular has an intuitive functionality and design making it ideally suited for human-intensive organisations that have a need for transparency in operations and development of human capital.

Any organisation with more than 50 employees going up to thousands can benefit from tools like Adrenalin HRMS, as it is designed to bring in efficiency through innovative features for employees and Human Resources (HR) professionals; making it a strategic tool to improve productivity and morale within organisations.

The Oman government hopes to attract over $12bn in foreign investment over the next couple of decades and the potential market for tools like the Adrenalin HRMS would be around 5%-10% of overall annual software consumption and planned budgetary allocations.

This according to company sources will be a good start to the Oman operations. Also, through the partnership with Riyam Computer Services, Adrenalin HRMS is well-positioned to take advantage of the potential that Oman has to offer.

Speaking on the partnership with Adrenalin e Systems, Mr Manoj Shah, Chief Operating Officer of Riyam Computer Services avers, "RCS's Partnership with Adrenalin has brought in a lot of business traction to customer interactions in the private as well as government sectors. At a point in time when 'Omanisation' is being successfully implemented and employee mix across organisations is becoming very dynamic, a web-based employee productivity tool such as Adrenalin is poised to be well accepted by the HR thought leaders and organisational heads in Oman. We expect this to be beneficial for the Omani market."

Analysts also point out that the value of HRMS results from a reduction in HR support costs, based on efficiency improvements.

By eliminating paper and process inefficiencies, companies can expect additional cost reductions while improving service and becoming more efficient. But more importantly, studies have revealed that HR departments can reduce time spent on administrative work by as much as 30% to 40%, resulting in either the reduction of work force or the redeployment of effort to higher value tasks, such as decision support and employee development. The challenge however, is for companies to make use of such strategic tools to implement a global work culture to realise the true potential of tools like the Adrenalin HRMS Software.
Advantages of using Adrenalin HRMS:

• It's flexible and affordable pricing along with pre-integrated applications is optimised with lower implementation costs. At the same time, it offers a flexible architecture that enables to tailor menus, security, and reporting without costly modifications.
• Offers self-service capabilities: Web browser-based access to applications enabling employees, customers, and suppliers to access relevant information quickly and easily and with least time spent on training.
• Robust solution: Adrenalin is a comprehensive solution offering all the functionalities. It supports multi currency, multi-language including Arabic and multi-company requirements and provides integration with other key technologies.

Mr Balaji Ganesh, CEO of Adrenalin e Systems says, "We are quite delighted with our partnership with Omzest Group and Riyam Computer Services. HR today has moved from an administrative role to a strategic role and modern HR systems have to keep pace with this. Strategic processes related to performance, learning management, and compensation show the highest levels of growth currently. Adrenalin has been designed keeping in mind these trends in the business. We hope to help companies in Oman derive the maximum value invested in their Human Capital through our partner Riyam Computer Services."

"Adrenalin in a short span of time is the HR product of choice for customers in the UAE, and is rapidly expanding its foot prints in Oman. Our partnership with Riyam Computer Services LLC will enable us to reach more customers in Oman who will benefit from deploying Adrenalin," says Mr Srikanth P, Vice-President, Adrenalin e Systems Middle East.

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Overview of Adrenalin
Adrenalin is a web-based Human Capital Alignment (HCA) Software available on Microsoft .Net and IBM Lotus platforms. It automates business-to-employees administrative and strategic processes. It is workflow based and is accessible to every employee with self service features. This Human Capital Alignment (HCA) Software is a strategic process that consists of a cycle of activities including HR Administration and Employee Life Events, Recruitment, Performance Management, Training Management, Career Development and Succession Planning, Learning Management, Shift Management and every other detail that can help bring out the very best in your employees.

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