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The Big Discounts on Black Friday Attract Chinese Canadian to The United States For Shopping

Submitted by: TheBlackFridayBargain

2011-10-18 00:00:24

(OPENPRESS) October 18, 2011 -- November 26, the traditionally called Black Friday is only one month before Christmas in United States , and also has the biggest attention of the largest annual discount day in United States. Because of the close count between the Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar, and a uniform sales tax (HST), many Chinese people in Canada went to the south to buy the bargain goods. Many people want to buy "cheap goods" advance on the Black Friday bargain opportunities, is contemplating the south shopping strategy. The people who went to the States on black Friday shopping season knows how to do some investigation work before black Friday and go straight to the targeted store, not only will save time, but also can grab some good bargains.

The biggest discount on Black Friday attract Canadian Chinese to the United States for shopping

Black Friday is the first day after the U.S. Thanksgiving Day, because all businesses have closed their doors on Thursday (25) for Thanksgiving, Friday (26) is usually marked as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, and to see as the barometer of Christmas retail sales per year. Businesses use red mean loss, and until this day the sales will be converted into profit, and accounting in black ink, so called "Black Friday."

However, businesses make the list of discount goods as a trade secret, and will not announce them until the last minute. Stores open for business on Friday (26) 12:00. But this year there will be some stores open for business on Thursday (25) 10 pm and 11 am first to let customers early scan the goods.

For the Chinese,Black Friday Sale Day and the Christmas "Boxing Day" is a good day to buy cheap goods, Ms Shen who has been to the United States for shopping on Black Friday said we should check the Black Friday ads of each stores before, compared at least three stores and then compare the Canadian prices, count rates, allowances, fuel and time costs, and then decide whether the cost-effective price.

She pointed out that although the day will be discounted throughout the day, but in fact often have the special discount in extra time, but generally start at Friday midnight, lasted only a few hours. Therefore, there is an additional discount to buy the goods, must start on Thursday night, arrived at the shop door before midnight. And some popular stores already have the customer long lines before they open the door.

Ms Shen said she would go to the electronics store which is closer to the border to buy big electrical goods, because the purchase of big volume goods more cost-effective. But she did not particularly rush to the store before opening the door at midnight. Because of the night work, she went to U.S. about 3:00 A.M. last year after work and miss the special discount of the store when she arrived. In the year before, she went to Los Angeles with friends, playing a few days, and travel with the shopping.

The Top 10 Favorite Product for Chinese are all Electronic Products, and the best favorite is Apple products

Because people like to buy discount good, causing a number of Chinese to set up Deal website, such as on which we found the top ten most wanted goods on Black Friday are all electronic products, and Apple's iPad, iPhone, iTouch and other products, is no doubt among the first.

People Preferred Electronic Products
According the investigation in 1,000 Chinese consumers from found that the most Chinese top ten wanted products on Black Friday are all electronics goods, which Apple product deserved to the first. However, the website said, iPad, iPhone does not discount this year during Black Friday.

Other Chinese people most wanted goods on Black Friday is: the Amazon e-book Kindle, Blu-ray DVD player, single-lens reflex digital cameras, game consoles, all kinds of watches, high-definition television HDTV, laptop computers, toys and baby products and household appliances., which is characterized by tracking the fastest and most complete Black Friday Deals and Black Friday coupons info, updated daily, free to facilitate online consumers to track promotional activities.

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