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Local Orange County Doctor gets Top Billing from Website

Submitted by: Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery

2011-08-19 00:14:02

Newport Beach, CA (OPENPRESS) August 19, 2011 -- A peer review website has recently awarded Dr. Kevin Sadati a "Top Doctor" award for 2010 and now 2011. Since 2006, has been cataloguing reviews of plastic surgeons, dentistry, weight loss, hair loss, and vision correction. According to the website, "RealSelf is a community powered by people who share a spirit of openness, compassion, and aspiration to be their best self." It is an open forum for plastic surgery patients to share their experiences, views, and reviews concerning office visits, clinical staff, and final results. The website also features before and after photos as well as an expert Q&A section.

With anything, a recommendation from a friend or an experienced colleague is the best place to get the real scoop on the service industry. Women use a referral network extensively to select a hairdresser, manicure, or eyebrow threading. What better way to choose a plastic surgeon than to read actual reviews from satisfied clients? Most would agree that plastic surgery is a big deal. Furthermore, the decision to "have some work" done should not be taken lightly. After all, this is a procedure that may change your appearance forever. During the research phase, a review or two from someone who has been there, done that might be the difference between on surgeon or another.

Because there are a lot of "what ifs," taking the guesswork out of selecting a procedure and the best surgeon are of paramount importance. Some of the criteria for choosing the right plastic surgeon are common knowledge: experience and credentials are among the tops. Board certification credentials are perhaps the most important. But, what if you have narrowed the field down to a handful of service providers that all meet these stringent requirements? That is were patient review sites and testimonial pages become helpful.

Holding a rating as a "Top Doctor" from a recommendation website speaks volumes about the quality of care provided by Dr. Sadati's office. If you do not know anyone who has had plastic surgery, or more accurately—might not admit it, a peer review site can prove invaluable in the selection process. In addition, a "Top Doctor" rating carries its own prestige. It basically means that the plastic surgeon is the best among the best in their craft. It is a gold stamp of approval from satisfied patients nationwide.

It is one thing for a physician to be recognized by his or her peers, but it is quite another to be recognized as the best by patients. Horror stories about botched plastic surgery jobs abound within the medical community. While doctors are not exactly known to admit responsibility, patients have no concerns about leveling a realistic and sometimes harsh critique of the surgeon or their staffs. These critiques, as part of the body knowledge about a specific care provider, can help in the ultimate selection of a plastic surgeon.

Taking chances with altering your body is not something anyone would do. This is not a visit to your primary care physician for the sniffles. Body sculpting procedures are designed to change your appearance for decades, if not permanently. Once your initial research has winnowed the field down to a few credentialed and experienced surgeons, recommendations from past patients may be the deciding factor. Because no one would likely take a chance on their appearance, a "Top Doctor" rating only serves to galvanize the expertise of the surgeon who carries it. Why would you take a chance with anyone else?

For more information about Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery visit

Contact: Dr. Kevin Sadati
Phone: (949) 706-7776

Contact Info

Gallery of Cosmetic Surgery
Phone: 949-706-7776
400 Newport Center Drive #100

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