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Prevent Generator Neutral Circulating Current with Mirus International's GENLINK™ DPNL

Submitted by: PressReleasePoint

2011-08-13 00:03:19

Brampton, ON (OPENPRESS) August 13, 2011 -- Mirus International, a designer and developer of world class power quality improvement products is pleased to introduce GENLINK™ DPNL (Dissimilar Pitch Neutral Limiter). Mirus' GENLINK™ DPNL is a multiple winding reactor which is installed in the common neutral of paralleled sources.

"When paralleling equipment such as generators or other distributed generation sources to each other or the utility supply, it's critical that voltages produced by this equipment match as closely as possible," says Tony Hoevenaars, President, Mirus International. "To properly match voltages the RMS values need to be similar as well as the instantaneous values which are determined by the voltage waveshapes. If not properly matched, circulating neutral currents can result."

When paralleling generators with different pitch configurations, instantaneous voltages often do not match because the voltage waveshapes are somewhat different. This can also be true when alternative energy sources (such as solar or wind) are paralleled with the Utility. In these circumstances, neutral circulating currents will appear which are predominantly triple frequency. If left untreated, these currents can cause equipment to overheat and false tripping of overcurrent protection equipment.

Mirus' GENLINK™ DPNL, once installed in the common neutral between dissimilar generators or the generator and Utility supply, will add impedance to block the flow of circulating currents with minimal impedance to the flow of fault current.

"The GENLINK™ DPNL is just one of many power quality improvement products developed by Mirus," adds Hoevenaars. "Engineered and manufactured to treat challenging harmonic applications, our products provide solutions to companies who can't afford downtime, risk equipment failure or distortion of any kind on the electrical distribution system," says Hoevenaars.

To learn more about GENLINK DPNL, download Mirus' white paper 'Preventing Neutral Circulating Currents when Paralleling Generators' and the product brochure. For information on other power quality products offered by Mirus, visit

Contact: Tony Hoevenaars, President and CEO, 1-888-866-4787,,

About Mirus International
Mirus designs and develops world class power quality improvement products for mission critical operations. Their uniquely specialized product line includes highly efficient harmonic filters, transformers, autotransformers and Data Center power distribution equipment. Comprised of a leading team of power quality experts, Mirus' solutions minimize disruption to the power supply, improve reliability and adhere to the strictest of regulatory requirements while also saving energy. Proven to perform, Mirus products are available globally and are real-world tested in its own Harmonics & Energy (H&E) Lab.

Amanda Steeves
Mirus International
130 Spadina Road
Brampton, ON
1-888-866-4787 .

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