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Filmmaker Alden Butcher Will Document Stories About Consumer Finance

Submitted by: I-Newswire

2011-07-29 10:38:01

Charlotte, North Carolina (OPENPRESS) July 28, 2011 - Award-winning filmmaker Alden Butcher will spend two years documenting stories about consumer finance in America. Alden Butcher and his company, Dolphin Media Group in North Carolina, has just completed the first quarter of an on-going project to examine the consumer loan industry in the United States. The scope of this work includes the industry's strengths and weaknesses, its customer stories, its political opponents and controversy, and the history of this industry and the important role it has played in American society.

Alden Butcher is an award-winning filmmaker and producer. For years, his films and production work have garnered accolades from industry insiders and the public. He is known for his ability to capture a story and was responsible for the Boy Scouts of America campaign to modernize their image and grow their organization. For this he worked with President Gerald Ford, along with his wife and co-producer, Anne Archer. Alden Butcher also worked with President Ronald Reagan and advanced his career working with numerous aerospace companies such as McDonnell Douglas, Hughes Helicopter, Aerojet General, as well as top corporates, AT&T, Mattel Toys, Universal Studios Tour, to name a few. He recently spent several years documenting innovative new work to help reverse autism, cancer and heart disease, and likes to choose projects that he feels are worthwhile and offer a meaningful social contribution.

Yesterday, Mr. Butcher reported that the consumer loan industry is more complicated and interesting than he imagined: "This industry has a long, fascinating history and it is important to share their story. The consumer loan industry helped to create the middle-class in America, to erase that dividing line between the 'have's and the have-not's' in our society. Previously only the wealthy could borrow money to get ahead in life, but with consumer installment lending that changed, and it has had its ups and downs, but mostly it is a very positive story of advancement. It is a story whose time has come."

"The industry has been the victim of attempted identity theft by others who do not have such a stellar record, who do not have the stories of customer loyalty, benefits and blessings. And on the other side, you have a strong political element who would like to have all the power and control over finance in America and quite frankly, would like to set us all back in many ways. There's a balance to all that, and right in the middle, in the heart of America, you have the consumer finance industry, making loans face-to-face, one customer at a time, in towns all over this country. I am excited to be documenting that."

"I am pleased to be examining this industry and its story through experts in the field of finance and economics, through the voice of customers, and by going in and sitting down with the actual people making the loans and discovering why they are so eager to be a part of this industry. We met a woman who worked in the consumer loan industry while she attended college to become an engineer. After becoming an engineer, she later returned to work in a small consumer loan office because she missed helping people and feeling of service each day. Working in the consumer loan industry, this woman said she feels that she is helping people every day and will continue with this as her career. The industry has a very interesting and important story, and it is one I am pleased to be able to share."

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