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Life in the Turn Lane Released as eBook on Novo Ink

Submitted by: Don Beehler

2011-07-15 00:03:23

(OPENPRESS) July 15, 2011 -- Life in the Turn Lane: A Story of Personal and Corporate Turnarounds and the Principles that Make Them Happen, which chronicles Nashville entrepreneur James P. "Jim" Patton's rise from an HVAC repairman to founder of a private-equity firm that turns around distressed manufacturing companies worldwide, is now available as an eBook in partnership with Novo Ink, a Christian eBook publisher and distributor. Cost of the eBook is $7.99.

"Our team at Novo Ink is so excited to partner with Jim and his team, and we know that readers will enjoy his wonderful work in a whole new way as an eBook," said Devlin Donaldson, CEO and president of NOVO Ink.

Turning around failing companies is not only Patton's profession, but it's also a metaphor for his life. Life in the Turn Lane recounts how he learned to navigate the curves that can turn hopes into fears and dreams into nightmares.

Patton thought he was dreaming big when he set a life-long financial goal of making $20 an hour. Now the entrepreneur one business publication calls the "billion-dollar repairman" makes more than that every minute.

Although he learned mostly the hard way—getting fired from his first job, losing everything in a major acquisition, and watching a partner walk away with profits that should have been his—through Life in the Turn Lane, he shares priceless insights so readers can move ahead less painfully than he did.

Once a naïve dreamer lacking experience and a college education, Patton recounts with a touch of humor the trials and tribulations he went through while turning around failing subsidiaries of Fortune 1000 companies and making them profitable.

When he first heard of The Wall Street Journal, Patton thought it was a book. A librarian quickly set him straight and directed him to a nearby newsstand for a copy. At the time, the financial terms were unfamiliar and confusing, but Patton kept reading. A decade later, he thought he was ready to make his first major acquisition, only to discover he was in over his head, eventually losing the company, his family's house and personal savings.

Patton got a second chance, learned from his mistakes and found himself on the verge of financial independence, only to discover he had outsmarted himself, leaving him to negotiate with New York City's "king of dealmakers" in hopes of saving everything he'd worked so hard to achieve.

Throughout his book Patton highlights his story with 40 memorable "Patton Principles" to equip readers for daily and long-term success. He also shares his "Turning Points" to show how life can set a person up for the next great step, and he offers "10 Business Directives" so readers can be ready to negotiate major turns and potholes that every businessperson comes to sooner or later.

His book also discusses the critical areas of managing the turnaround of a manufacturer, provides commentary on topics ranging from capitalism to labor, and lays out a blueprint of what needs to be done to revive America from its manufacturing doldrums. Life in the Turn Lane will educate, encourage and inspire anyone who wants to pursue the American dream.

EBook sales continue to rise globally with the latest American Association of Publishers (AAP) and Book Industry Study Group (BISG) study showing 147% growth in March 2011 over March 2010.

Novo Ink is a digital distributor and publisher that aggregates content that is in alignment with the Christian worldview. The company is partnering with publishers, authors and nonprofits to bring their content to life. From the Web site, Novo Ink is striving to be a destination for readers looking for the best eBook experience available. Novo Ink is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and offers eBook services in partnership with Zinio, one of the largest distributors of digital content globally.

Media Contact: Don Beehler at 615.566.0770 /

Contact Info

Don Beehler
Phone: 615-566-0776
2275 Winder Circle
Franklin, TN 37064

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