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goFLUENT's English Language Learning Product Dubbed 'One of the Best Offers on the Web'

Submitted by: Bob Little Press & PR

2011-06-14 00:07:52

(OPENPRESS) June 14, 2011 -- goFLUENT, a leading provider of distance English training, has been named as one of the top online providers of English language learning materials. The accolade comes as a result of a comparative study, by the French 'Pour Se Former' website, of ten online English language materials providers.

The website said of goFLUENT:
'In our opinion, this is one of the best offers on the web. The videos and the audio resources are focused on the company sector and current economic environment.

'Learners also greatly benefit from Harvard Business Review articles that deal with management research, especially those with an intermediate level. Learner level is taken into account for each exercise, and all resources require the learners' full attention, but some of the Harvard Business Review articles might be a bit long for some individuals.

'Also useful are opportunities to practise for job interviews and meetings by listening to examples and doing exercises.'

According to the study, goFLUENT's only weak point was that, purely in terms of the online learning, participants can't practise their oral expression or pronunciation. So, the telephone courses offered by goFLUENT are helpful in helping learners increase their levels (of English fluency) quickly, as well as helping them choose resources that correspond to their learning needs.

The website study's other findings were:
'We looked at free English training options from reputable organisations like the BBC, the British Council, and the Wall Street Institute. Our only criterion was that the courses must be able to be taken in a completely autonomous manner, either online or with the use of CDs.

'Conveniently, many training providers offer level evaluations throughout the training, allowing learners to chart their progress, which encourages motivation. Another positive aspect is that the more the learners' levels increase, the easier it is for them to learn independently and make the best use of the tools available.

'When staring at a computer screen or listening to a CD, it's easy for a learner to feel alone and isolated. Even if a learner chooses the correct answers in an exercise, it's not necessarily easy for her/him to understand why her/his response is correct or how s/he came to that conclusion.

'Moreover, the programs we evaluated have a strong focus on developing written and oral comprehension, but tend to be weaker when developing expression.

'Our advice is to combine online learning with English courses by telephone or English learning in small groups. These services are offered by many companies as a compliment to online learning solutions.'

Christophe Ferrandou, goFLUENT's CEO, commented: "We're delighted that this independent study found that goFLUENT's materials performed so well compared with those of our competitors.

"Over the last 11 years, we've amassed a great deal of experience, working annually with over 60.000 business executives in more than 5.000 international corporations to make their organisations more efficient and profitable when doing business globally and when managing intercultural situations. In the light of all this, we're continually refining our product offering to provide an effective - and enjoyable - language learning experience."

Describing goFLUENT's approach, the independent study said:
'After taking a test to determine her/his level, the learner can work on many educational resources that are related to the business world. Videos provided by AFP and the New York Times provide a significant foundation of goFLUENT's online learning.

'Articles are shown with difficult words highlighted and, as the learner scrolls over them, the definition appears. Afterwards, there are exercises and quizzes that test the learner's comprehension.

'These consist of open questions (not multiple choice) where the learner must come up with the right answer. There are also spaces where the learner must write a phrase that is heard in a video.

'Grammar exercises that are related to words used in the video are also available.

'Participants can also listen to articles from the Harvard Business Review while the text scrolls on the screen. As is done with the videos, the articles are also accompanied by exercises and a vocabulary list.'

To access the full study, visit:

About goFLUENT
goFLUENT offers distance business English training solutions combining eLearning and live trainers. Each year goFLUENT helps over 60.000 business executives in more than 5.000 international corporations to make their company more efficient and profitable when doing business globally and managing intercultural situations. goFLUENT is established in 10 countries, with 560 employees - including 400 teachers - and with the world's third largest telecom company, NTT Communications (NTT Group) owning 30% of its shares. For more information about goFLUENT, please visit

Further information from:
Robert de Ocampo, goFLUENT, +33 (1) 72 71 83 31;
Bob Little, Bob Little Press & PR, +44 (0)1727 860405;

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