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Culture Background of the Brand "VII", A Low Profiled Luxury

Submitted by: Omnicom Media Group

2011-05-26 00:01:48

(OPENPRESS) May 26, 2011 -- VII has unveiled an improved version of VII O2M™ Oxygen Eye Mask recently --- welcomed good news for VII fans. As a leader of luxury brands in the USA, VII always keeps a low profile and never contacts media. "Luxury" and "low profile" seem to be a pair of contradictory sisters. Then how does VII perform these two perfectly? Under the general rule that more advertising will make the products more famous to make more money, and as a member of the fashion field, it really keeps us puzzled about the reasons why VII keeps the rule of low profile.

Low profile is the kind of attitude that has become a new trend. They never fail to find examples of some celebrities who keep low profiled in entertainment circle. The most typical ones are Angelina Jolie and Catherine Deneuve. Both of them keep low profiles, but both have gained reputations all over the world, over the years. Instead of being a flower vase or Barbie doll, they have become an evergreen tree. Maybe it is the reason for VII to keep a low profiled also. What VII has been chasing is not a temporary reputation, but an everlasting one over centuries. And VII followed this in the past two centuries very well.

VII was created by the family Victor, from Austria. After Byrne Victor created the "ageless mythology" at the end of 18th century, VII became the first to serve customized skin care and Napoleon's wife, Queen Josephine, became the first beneficiary. In 1942, one of Byrne's offspring named the brand "VII", and established the first luxury club for customized skin care in New York. In 1948, VII Identity club leaded a fashion storm in the upper-class circles in the USA. Now the label of "VII" has become the symbol of top skin care service all over the world and especially gained pursuit with those who are of upper social status such as Cindi Leive (chief editor of "Glamour"), Cate Blanchett, and Greta Garbo etc. Whoever applies the products labeled "VII" will be shining as if he or she were one of world famous celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn. Whoever applies the products of VII will enjoy the skin care service of a Queen. "Low profile" is not the same with "being plain". To keep a real low profile, first, we should be full of thoughts inside. Regarding the product, supreme quality and excellent service, are the basis. VII club is operated under the principle of "Zero-mistakes" management. Before the products are supplied to the customer, they would go through many skin tests (including the sensitive skin test). Defective products are never permitted in VII. Joining the VII club and being a member with life tenure has been a top fashion and a status symbol, however, not everyone can be a member of VII Identity club. The ticket for the club is the recommendation by two or more Jewish members. But a stricter requirement is made for those who work in entertainment circles. Oprah Winfrey failed to join the club after many attempts. Over more than a couple centuries, the family of Victor has been busy with an only one matter --- building the top level skin-care products for everyone to keep the secret of their real age. What we can enjoy from VII is not short-time happiness but an everlasting client-oriented and customized love and care service for our skin. By choosing VII, we have recruited the best personal secretary for our skin, of a lifetime.

VII --- " I keep a low profile, because I believe your eyes"

Contact Info

Omnicom Media Group
Phone: +1 212 590 7020
195 Broadway, Floor 28
New York, NY 10007

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Press Company: Omnicom Media Group
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