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Versailles Releases Targets CD

Submitted by: Promo Group

2013-05-12 00:01:28 digg facebook Email twitter print

Versailles releases Targets CD April 2013. Produced by Kim Fowley.

(OPENPRESS) Versailles was born Dianna St. Hilaire in Modesto, CA. The Modesto "Strip" was the location of the cruising scenes in "American Graffiti". The Producer of "Targets", Kim Fowley...Produced The New Music Sequences for "American Graffiti". Versailles has lived every where as a child, from Alaska to The Virgin Islands, to Old Mexico & New Mexico.

Hollywood, CA was the logical destination for Versailles, where she lives today. Versailles is a Singer/Songwriter/Music Publisher/Arranger/Record Producer/Sound Engineer/Actress/Model & yes, Versailles even does Ceramic Art.
Versailles has other albums available on CD Baby, Produced by herself & others. You can find these titles if you look through CD Baby's Catalog.

Versailles is, a founding member of the all girl band "Black Room Doom". Fowley, who produced The Runaways, decided to make a movie about The World's Greatest All Girl Fake Rock n' Roll Band. The flick is a female "Spinal Tap" that meets an all girl "Jack Ass", Somewhere On The Edge Of Reality. Versailles was hired. The girls fought among themselves. One cast member & one arranger died during the course of the movie's production. Yet, BRD is fast becoming a Festival Favorite in Australia, Ireland, Holland, France, & Spain. Versailles & the BRD Girls may be touring Australia & New Zealand between late December 2012 & February 2013.

The "Targets" album by Versailles, covers such topics as Older Women Chasing Younger Men, Spiritual Searches, Outer & Inner Body Remakes, Female Excitement, Human Happiness, The Love Of Dancing, Teen Queen Heartbreak, Drama Queen Mystery, Ugly Guy Revelations, Medical Madness, Video Game Adventures and Dating Heartbreak.

Elements of Pop Music/Bubble Gum/Euro Rock & Pop/Piano School/ Far East Moods/ Tragic Dance Floor/Culture Break Down/Bad Girl Confessions/Ugly Guy Pain/Hospital Breakdowns/Cyber Space Cops and Robbers Chasing & First Love Farewells. what the Mood/Music sounds like.

Versailles plays live all over the world. Sometimes by herself, with the help of Digital Magic & with her Army of Musician Friends. Versailles lives & dies for her friends & fans & often requests that members of the audience come to sound check & suggest to her, what songs to do that night, in live performance. Versailles lives in Hollywood, CA with her 2 cats and her Visions of The Future.

Kim Fowley the Producer/Co-Arranger of "Targets", has worked with John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Yoko Ono in "The Plastic Ono Band", Joan Jett & Lita Ford in "The Runaways", Helen Reddy, KISS, Alice Cooper, The Byrds, NRPS, Gram Parsons, Motley Crue, Blue Cheer, The Murmaids, Gene Vincent...among others, & agreed to produce this album because he said, "Versailles has a Radio Voice when she opens her mouth & sings. She is a Human Being Juke Box & looks like a Movie Star in Real Life.".

Mike Wolf Mixed & Engineered "Targets" @ Studio 5109, in Hollywood, CA USA. Mike also played guitar, bass, violin, did programming & contributed arrangement ideas to the album. Severa Miles did additional engineering on "Targets", when she was in the "Silverlake In Exile" phase of her mysterious life. Sev also contributed the same instruments as Mike Wolf on "Deep Inside", "Happy Teardrops" & "I Hate Music". Noizee played guitar & bass on "Toxic Cougar".

Tell all your friends about Versailles & this magical album "Targets". They will appreciate the warm feelings that will float through the air, when the music begins to play. Share the news. Spread the Joy. When Versailles comes to your town, show up at sound check & suggest the songs that you wish Versailles to perform. Versailles has a Meet & Greet after each show. She needs to meet all her fans. Versailles is easy to talk to & will sign all autograph requests. Sometimes Versailles joins her fans for meals & encourages her new friends, to bring pictures of their children & animals to the shows.

"Targets" is more than an album. "Targets" is a Life Changing Experience. Versailles is more than a human. Versailles is a Super Human. Join the Parade & Ride To The Land Beyond The Rainbows & The Stars In The Sky, with Versailles... who was Born To Make You Smile/Born To Make You Cry.

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Promo Group
Phone: 0001112222
Hollywood, CA

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