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VINNCO Prepares To Launch On Sydney Harbour

Submitted by: Vinnco

2013-09-27 00:01:10 digg facebook Email twitter print

The head office of vinnco, as well as the wider vinnco community, are getting ready for the company's launch on Saturday October 13.

(OPENPRESS) The head office of vinnco, as well as the wider vinnco community, are getting ready for the company's launch on Saturday October 13.

High demand for the event, being held on a boat on the Sydney Harbour, has caused the internal team to extend the early bird special on the cocktail party tickets.

The event has been made exclusive to vinnco members, with tickets only available when they are bought through a password-protected page online, with the password included in the latest members' weekly newsletter.

Despite the mayhem involved in organising such a significant event, the head office vinnco team are managing to keep on top of the other necessary tasks in the build-up to the deal site's launch.

First on this list is the building of their Deal Partner team, a dedicated group of vinnco members who have registered to act as liaisons between the vinnco deal site and potential merchants who will provide deals for members throughout the country (and, later, the world).

The head office continues to monitor and review all the incoming applications for Deal Partner positions.

vinnco's creative team has also developed a sales kit for their Deal Partners, which includes a guide that will help them to create and review stand-out deal ideas for the merchants that they introduce to the deal site.

The constant mission of vinnco to provide wins for all parties involved remains heavily present in this rapidly developing aspect of the business, as they ensure that all deals promoted on the site will be rewarding for the businesses that provide them, as well as vinnco customers and the Deal Partners that link the two together.

Applications for becoming a Deal Partner are still open, and will stay this way until further notice, though the special lower registration fee will expire once September ends.

The vinnco team continue to review all possible ways to provide additional 'wins' for their rapidly growing group of members.

Please direct any enquiries or comments to the vinnco team on

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Phone: Not Given
Robina Town Centre
PO Box 3097, QLD 4230

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