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Latest Omega 3 Fish Oil News Released

Submitted by: fish-oil-update

2013-09-29 00:01:19 digg facebook Email twitter print

For many years, the use of omega 3 fatty acids has been hailed as a great way of enhancing health while protecting users from cardiovascular diseases.

(OPENPRESS) Speaking during the release of the latest information, A.W Rifat pointed out that people who eat 2 servings of fish on a weekly basis have shown signs of improved health not only in the prevention of the cardiovascular diseases but also in the management of a host of other health conditions including arthritis and hypertension.

While releasing the report, Rifat also noted that the introduction of healthy and pure omega 3 fish oil supplements have been helpful and especially among people who cannot afford the required amount of fish in their meals thus ensuring that they too benefit from the precious minerals derived from fish. He however cautioned against using supplements that have not been prepared using high standards as this could deprive the users of the necessary minerals while at the same time putting their lives at risk. He also pointed out that supplement capsules have a higher concentration of DHA and EPA which makes it easier for users to benefit more unlike it is the case when relying on fish meat. During the launch of the report, several health benefits associated with omega 3 fish oils were also highlighted including the following:

Promotion of mental health

Although this has been an obvious benefit associated with the consumption of omega 3 fish oil fatty acids, research has shown that there are more benefits than previously thought. According to the report, the use of supplement during the early months of pregnancy can help in the development of baby's brain thus giving the baby a superior mental frame after birth. This conclusion was arrived at after monitoring children whose mothers consumed omega 3 fish oils during pregnancy and those who did not and the results were amazing. it was also discovered that children whose mothers used fish oil supplement capsules and servings had developed a healthy nervous system as compared to those whose mothers did not.

Reduction of hypertension

Contained in the report also was the research evidence showing that the use of omega 3 fatty acids is highly helpful for lowering hypertension. Rifat noted that medical studies had revealed that people who use fish oils have an enhanced blood circulation and also are unlikely to suffer from blood pressure and related conditions. This is due to the lowering of effects experienced on both cholesterol serum and triglyceride levels. He further said that the use of omega 3 fatty acids has been found to be helpful in the prevention of cancer of the breast, colon and prostate. Quoting from the report, Rifat said that "numerous studies have shown that not only does omega 3 fatty acids help in the prevention of the aforementioned cancers but also goes a long way in reducing the effects associated with these conditions". He added that fish oils are a reliable way of preventing the escalation of the tumours.

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