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Emerald Isle Fire Department NC Adopts New Software from IncaX for Personnel Accountability and Silent Dispatch

Submitted by: IncaX Limited

2013-02-18 00:01:37 digg facebook Email twitter print

IncaX, an Independent Software Vendor of advanced mobile computing applications, today formally announced the launch of FireCall IMS (Incident Management System).

(OPENPRESS) Based on technology developed by IncaX for the US Office of Naval Research (DBT) the FireCall IMS system provides coordination between different mobile devices at the fire scene whilst streaming data back to a command and control dashboard at the Fire Department.

Chief Walker, Emerald Isle Fire Department said "Fire Call allows us to recreate the fire scene after the call is over. It is great for training and critiquing the fire. We are able to follow the firefighters' locations throughout the scene with an accurate time line."

From receiving a silent dispatch with satellite navigation to the fire scene the FireCall application synchronizes with other units dispatched whilst on route providing situational awareness so the first responding unit at the scene can plan ahead by tracking the locations of the other responding units.

At the fire scene the Incident Commanders can assign firefighters to locations, perform PAR checks and receive live updates of firefighter locations from other commanders using FireCall.

"FireCall has given us the ability to manage the incident and maintain personnel accountability much better than the previous system we were using. We're able to place personnel and apparatus on the scene and track their status from Level 1 staging, through each PAR check to the completion of the call. It is a great asset and tool for every Fire Department to have. With all the safety concerns we have on fire scenes, FireCall truly helps us maintain a higher level of personnel safety on the scene." Said Assistant Chief Askew, Emerald Isle Fire Department.

FireCall IMS is the first system of its kind that can synchronize tablet devices at the fire scene providing situational awareness updates to the command and control center along with live video streaming.

Phil Bishop, CTO at IncaX said "Working with Emerald Isle Fire Department has been a great experience. After a few meetings we started to sketch out a prototype for an Android tablet application that could receive silent dispatch and then moved on to how best to replace the existing system for personnel accountability . The initial prototype then evolved into a full Incident Management System with event reconstruction and live feeds from the tablet devices back to the Fire Department's command center."

The new FireCall IMS system is initially available for Android 10.1 devices with GPS. A Windows RT tablet version due in Q2 2013 and a version for the iPad is also planned.

About IncaX
Founded in 2003 IncaX develop advanced mobile and Command and Control software for a range of mobile computing platforms including Android, Windows RT, Windows 7, Windows Phone, iPhone and Blackberry.

Email firecall(at)
Phone +44 (0)20 8144 2675

Contact Info

IncaX Limited
Phone: +44 (0)20 8144 2675
2 Church Street
United Kingdom

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